Why become an ICAN member?

The ICAN community has been designed to ensure that nurses from around the globe are brought together to achieve aesthetic excellence. It is a not for profit organisation (ICAN Aesthetics Ltd).

We currently have a community of over 200 clinicians already signed up as members. We host conferences for nurses so that they can get better educated on nurse specific topics from expert speakers including Nurses, Doctors, Dentists and Surgeons. We want to support new nurses through their aesthetics journey as well and advance nurses who may be more experienced in the field.

As an Aesthetic Registered Nurse/ RGN or RGN INP. We have two membership as there are different benefits for UK and Overseas Members:

ICAN offers you the following:

Types of Membership

Full membership

For UK nurses. £30 per month or £300 for the year if not by Direct Debit.

Affiliate Member

For international nurses. £20 a month or £200 for the year if not by Direct Debit.

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